River State Signage and Advertisement Agency | First Party Clients
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First Party Clients

First Party Clients

Our Clients come first as they are under our First Party Category, this is exclusively for Business Owners, Companies, Telecommunications, Organizations with Signs/Signage indicating, advertising or exposing the nature of their Businesses/Services/Brands, notifying the General Public at a particular building Premises or location within Port-Harcourt Metropolis and Rivers State at Large.

Clients are by this category restricted to owning Signage (Directional or On-Premise) but limited to Owning Billboards within Rivers State. These signs, also called On-Premise Advertisement Signs fall in different categories as follows:

  • Building Wall Signs
  • Boundary Wall Signs
  • Projecting Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Free Standing Signs (Composite)
  • Roof Signs

The Listed Businesses fall under the Agency’s First Party Category

  • Clinics, -Hotels, -Hospitals, -Banks, -Law Offices, -Filling Stations, -Stationery Stores,
  • Restaurants, -Eateries, -Schools (Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Universities), -Boutiques, -Shops,
  • Gyms, -Salons, -Event Centers, -Bars, -Institutes, -Kiosks etc.

As part of the Agency’s mandate Clients within the above-listed category are required to REGISTER and get Annual Permits with RISAA for ALL forms of Advert Exposures within Rivers State.

Requirement for First Party Signage Permit

  • Step 1- Pay for First Party Registration form from RISAA.
  • Step 2- Bring 2 photocopies of Bank Teller and a photo montage of signage (if signage is not existing)
  • Step 3- Collect First Party Form and Receipt.
  • Step 4- Fill First Party Form. Give Measurement of signage of each image(s) and Size(s).